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Community Engagement

Understanding that a holistic perspective is essential for fostering sustainable positive development, the Academy is committed to serving the communities east of the Anacostia River. By working with local and national organizations, as well as residents of Wards 7 and 8, the Academy offers a comprehensive set of programs that take a community-centered approach to cultivating a culture of health.

Cooking with Heart

The Academy hosts the American Heart Association's "Cooking with Heart," a six-week, hands-on workshop in which community members learn how to prepare heart-healthy and delicious meals. At the end of each class, participants are given the groceries needed to recreate the recipes at home. The Academy plans to extend the "Cooking with Heart" program to include a workshop tailored to high school students, as well as a family-oriented course offered to parents who want to cook with their children.  

CSA Partnership (Community Supported Agriculture) - Spring 2017

In spring 2017, the Academy plans to launch a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partnership aimed at increasing access to organic foods in Wards 7 and 8. The Academy's campus will host a CSA market filled with affordable, locally grown produce. Along with the CSA Market, the Academy will also offer organic cooking workshops, making food prep easy and stress-free for families.

Joyful Food Market 

During the first week of every month, local food bank Martha's Table hosts its Joyful Food Market at the Academy. Joyful Food Markets are family events that give parents an opportunity to shop for fresh produce and nutritional, non-perishable foods, free of charge. While parents shop, children participate in exciting and fun activities such as cooking classes and culinary demonstrations, which instill in them a love for healthy eating.

FEED Caravan

In summer 2016, the Academy, in collaboration with Feed the Children, hosted the FEED Caravan. Feed the Children provided a week's worth of groceries to 800 families in need, with no cost to the families. Fully stocked backpacks, donated by the Washington Nationals' very own Wilson Ramos, were offered to the attending families. Parents also had access to free health screenings for their children, courtesy of Children's National, to help ensure that boys and girls in Wards 7 and 8 were ready for the start of the new school year.