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The Academy Way

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Mission Statement: To use the sports of baseball and softball as vehicles to foster positive character development, academic achievement and improved health among youth from underserved communities in Washington, D.C.

Leveling The Playing Field

Youth Baseball Academy Leveling The Field

Leveling the Playing Field

Total students, grades 3-8, with Academy at full capacity

Percent of Scholar-Athletes who now say they read for fun

Percent of Scholar-Athletes who have an increased belief that they will graduate from high school and go to college

Ratio of Scholar-Athletes to mentors

* From surveys of Scholar-Athletes who have participated for two years or more


"Everything they are doing here is so critical to our kids. Having a place like this that is beautiful, they have lots of people that support them, and they have people from their own community supporting them, as well as older mentors and teachers. It makes me feel very hopeful. I'm glad the Nationals have made this a part of their commitment to the community."
-Sharon Robinson, author and daughter of Jackie Robinson
"Children come here every day. They've found a place where they instinctively feel safe!"
-Marla Lerner Tanenbaum, principal owner, Washington Nationals Baseball Club
"Economics is why some kids don't play baseball. To claim that certain demographics simply no longer like the sport is just another way of avoiding the truth. The good news is that the decline in participation in baseball by underserved kids is reversible."
-Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball

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Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy
3675 Ely Place SE
Washington, DC 20019

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