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SPHOTM Hall of Fame

Each month, a new Season Plan Holder of the Month is named and the previous winner moves to the Hall of Fame.

Below you can find all of the past winners and current members of the Hall - submit your entry today and you could be the next Season Plan Holder of the Month!

Read More » Donald Rucker
Read More » Paul Thaler
John Almand Read More » John Almand
Nathan Morello Read More » September 2013: Nathan Morello
Joan Sullivan Read More » August 2013: Joan Sullivan
Sid Simmons Read More » July 2013: Sid Simmonds
Dave Raglin Read More » June 2013: Dave Raglin
Jim Hazam Read More » May 2013: Jim Hazam
Melissa Cramer Read More » April 2013: Melissa Cramer
John Burke Read More » September 2012: John Burke
Sue Small Read More » June 2012: Sue Small
Ted Leavengood Read More » May 2012: Ted Leavengood
Chris & Lisa Jollay Read More » April 2012: Chris & Lisa Jollay
Paul Sanner Read More » September 2011: Paul Sanner
Graham Armstrong Read More » August 2011: Graham Armstrong
Debbie McGinn Read More » July 2011: Debbie McGinn
Steve Froehlich Read More » June 2011: Steve Froehlich
Ann Looper Pryor Read More » May 2011: Ann Looper Pryor
Alex Bryant Read More » April 2011: Alex Bryant
Robert Butto Read More » September 2010: Robert Butto
Michele Clarke Read More » August 2010: Michele Clarke
Butch Sevila Read More » July 2010: Butch Sevila
Stephanie Brown Read More » June 2010: Stephanie Brown
Jerry and Amy Manheim Read More » May 2010: Jerry & Amy Manheim
John Shackelford Read More » April 2010: John Shackelford
Alva Pace Read More » September 2009: Alva Pace
John Christakos Read More » August 2009: John Christakos
Craig Stevens Read More » July 2009: Craig Stevens
Ray Mitten Read More » June 2009: Ray Mitten
Mary Thorne Read More » May 2009: Mary Thorne
Colleen & Jeff Sherman Read more » April 2009: Colleen & Jeff Sherman