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Baseball's Best
1981 NLCS | Game 5
Needing only three outs and one run to earn the first World Series appearance in their franchise history, the Montreal Expos instead had to watch in stunned disbelief as Rick Monday and the Dodgers took the National League pennant with a dramatic ninth-inning home run. 
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Top Plays of 2007
• Zimmerman shines at third, 4/28: 350K
• Logan conquers Tal's Hill, 8/2: 350K

Top Plays of 2006
• Kearns makes sliding grab, 7/28: 350K
• Logan hauls in liner, 9/12: 350K

Top Plays of 2005
• Castilla's home opener HR, 4/14:  56K | 350K
• Cordero's 44th save of the season, 9/9:  56K | 350K