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Screech's History


The year was 2005, and baseball was returning to DC after a 34-year absence. The team was named the Washington Nationals and they were going to call RFK Memorial Stadium home. As the District prepared for baseball, crews swarmed on RFK to begin the multi-million dollar refurbishment of the stadium to get it set for the new team.

One day in January 2005, while working on the outfield walls, crews found a large egg nestled underneath the stands. And this was no ordinary egg. It took a crew of ten men to carry the egg to safety behind homeplate. Zoologists came from throughout the world to examine the egg, hoping to determine what magnificent creature waited inside. Throughout it all, the Nationals kept the egg a secret.


Teams of zoologists cared for the egg day and night, awaiting the day it would finally hatch. But the cold weather of DC didn't help. The zoologists and the Washington Nationals players anxiously waited 'til Spring.

Finally, on a beautiful Spring day -- on April 17th, 2005 -- in front of a roaring home crowd at RFK, the egg began to move. Obviously ready to greet its team, the egg wandered into centerfield and began to tremble and crack. As stunned fans and nervous workers looked on, the egg slowly hatched, revealing the secret inside: A young (but enormous) eagle! The Nationals scrambled to name their newest fan - who wouldn't stop screeching about his favorite team.

And then it hit them: Screech, the Nationals eagle!


The team knew they had quite a bird to nurture. The players saw the pluck and energy that Screech had and welcomed him to RFK. So Screech now calls Nationals Park home, as he settled into a nice nest near the clubhouse.

And here he stays, an eager eagle, screeching on the home team at every Nationals game!


Screech is available to make appearances all over the DC area to make your event one to remember. Just email to inquire about availability and invite Screech to your next birthday party, wedding reception, school activity, sporting event, or any other occasion!

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