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Charter Bus & Limousine

It's door-to-door service if your group comes to the game in a chartered bus or limousine.

Parking for charter buses, limousines and large vehicles is available at Nationals Park in Parking Lot W for $50. Groups are encouraged to purchase parking passes in advance online; cash parking may be available at the lot on game days, subject to space availability. Buses and limousines should approach from the north on 1st Street, SE and drop-off passengers along 1st St, SE and along Potomac Avenue, SE, adjacent to Nationals Park. After dropping off passengers, buses and limousines should proceed to the Nationals Charter Bus, Limousine and Large Vehicle parking area located at Lot W. Buses and limousines may not remain parked in the drop-off/pickup location during the game.

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Directions from Bus Drop-off/Pickup location to Bus Parking at Lot W
  1. Proceed around the ballpark to the intersection of Potomac Ave, SE and South Capitol St, SE. Turn right onto South Capitol St, SE.
  2. Stay in the right-hand lane (avoiding the underpass) and make a right at the fourth traffic light onto M St, SE.
  3. Stay in the left-hand land and make a left at the second traffic light onto First Street, SE.
  4. Travel one block and make a right onto L St, SE. The entrance to Lot W is located approximately six and a half (6 ½) blocks ahead on the right (past the intersection of 5th St, SE and L St, SE).

Charter buses and limousines wishing to pickup passengers MUST return to the drop-off/pickup location, adjacent to the ballpark, during the 7th inning in order to pickup their passengers after the game. Failure to do so or late arrival will result in the vehicles being disallowed access to the drop-off/pickup location.

Directions from Lot W to Drop-off/Pickup Location adjacent to the ballpark
  1. Make a right exiting Lot W onto L St, SE.
  2. Make an immediate right onto 7th St, SE.
  3. Travel one block and turn right onto M St, SE.
  4. Stay in the left-hand lane and travel approximately seven (7) blocks and make a left onto First Street, SE. The drop-off/pickup location will be approximately two (2) blocks ahead on the right.

Please note: Game day parking for cars or smaller vehicles is also available in Lot W for $10. Parking passes can be purchased in advance online; cash parking may be available at the lot on game days, subject to space availability.

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