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Featured Concessions

The Pit at Red Loft

The Pit at the Red Loft, located adjacent to the Red Loft and Miller Lite Beer Pen, is one of the newest additions to NatsTown Concessions.

Traditional pit beef and turkey are cooked before your eyes on a sizzling charcoal grill. The Pit Beef is char-grilled on the outside and rare on the inside. It is served on a kaiser roll with horseradish herb aioli.

The Pit Turkey is roasted to perfection and piled high on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and delicious apricot chutney.

Teddy's Barbeque

Teddy's Barbeque, National Park's newest stand, features authentic Carolina-style barbeque. The stand is located on the main concourse, next to the Exxon Strike Zone.

Teddy's signature menu item is The Rough Rider Rib. Bursting with flavor, this jumbo beef short rib is brined and slow smoked for 24 hours. Teddy's also offers a variety of Carolina-style sandwiches, including the Beef Brisket Sandwich, the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, and the Pulled Chicken Sandwich. Complete your satisfying Southern meal at Teddy's with a big sip of sweet iced tea.

The Red Porch Restaurant

The Red Porch Restaurant, which opens two and a half hours before game time, provides an excellent opportunity for all Nationals fans to enjoy a fulfilling meal while experiencing a distinctive perspective of Nationals Ballpark. It is located directly inside the Centerfield Gate.

New for this season, outdoor patios create more dining space for guests on both sides of the restaurant. Sliding glass panels and rollup glass doors now present fans with a picture-perfect view into the Centerfield Plaza and the playing field.

The Red Porch's menu features three styles of wings- including Thai-style chili wings, an Italian chopped salad pizzan, Mile High Nachos Grande, and a selection of Minor League Kids Meals for $6. The Red Porch also serves a variety of draft beers and a selection of American micro-brew craft beers.