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Campbell Smith
Thank you, Campbell, for teaching your class about Jays Care Foundation through Project Give Back!

There are a lot of kids across Canada that don't get the chance to play sports, enjoy success in school and lead healthy lives. The Toronto Blue Jays believe every child deserves the chance to reach their potential, regardless of their financial circumstances. In 2012, the Blue Jays, through Jays Care Foundation, impacted more than 23,000 boys and girls in need and invested more than $1.9 million in charity and community programs and facilities across Canada.

This year, we're asking you to help us support even more kids!

Cool Ways to Pitch In

There are lots of ways that Jr. Jays can fundraise for kids in need across Canada:

FieldStone Day School
Thank you to the boys from FieldStone Day School for hosting a baseball equipment drive in support of Rookie League! Now, more kids have access to the sport we all love.

1) Celebrate your birthday in support of Jays Care through ECHOage:

You can make your birthday party even more special and learn about the great feeling that comes from helping boys and girls across Canada play sports, succeed in school and lead healthy lives. Half of the money raised from your party is used to buy your favourite birthday present and the other half supports Jays Care's mission of removing barriers to sport and education.

Get Started

2) Participate in Project Give Back at your school in support of Jays Care:

Spread the word about Jays Care to your friends by taking part in this awesome school project.

Learn More

3) Organize a class bake sale

4) Host an equipment drive with your baseball team

5) Set up a lemonade stand on your street

6) …or, whatever you can dream up!

To start planning your own Jr. Jays Fan Fundraiser, please contact Heather Ryan at 416-341-1701 or