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Access Guide

Citizens Bank Park
Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities

All guests enter Citizens Bank Park on the Main Concourse at street level. Elevators that service guests with disabilities are located behind sections 103, 112, 119, 123 and 137. These elevators service the Hall of Fame Club Level and Terrace Level. Other elevators for guests with disabilities include:

  • Third base Field Level wheelchair seating (behind Section 133).
  • Upper level of Harry the K's Broadcast Bar & Grille (behind Section 141).
  • Rooftop seating in Ashburn Alley (behind Section 103).

In addition to elevators, Citizens Bank Park is equipped with ramps (First Base and Left Field Gates), escalators (behind Sections 114, 126 and 140) and stairways (First Base and Left Field Gates).

Welcome to the Ballpark

Welcome to Citizens Bank Park, the spectacular home of the Phillies. With the help of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consultant, Citizens Bank Park was designed to be universally accessible and comfortable for our guests with disabilities.

This Citizens Bank Park Access Guide was developed with one goal in mind: to assist our guests with disabilities in becoming familiar with a facility that is "not your typical ballpark." A variety of accommodations are offered to make your experience an enjoyable one.

The Phillies take pride in serving all our guests and hope the Citizens Bank Park experience will bring you back many times in the future.


Guide dogs, service animals, or service animals in training are welcome. All other animals are prohibited.

Assisted Listening Devices

Guests who are hard of hearing may request the use of Assisted Listening Devices (ALD) at Guest Services on the Main Concourse (behind Section 122) and on the Terrace Level (behind Section 318). A driver's license, credit card or other form of identification will be required as a deposit.

Companion Seating

Companion seating is available alongside the spaces for guests using wheelchairs at a maximum, 3:1 ratio (3 companions per wheelchair). Folding chairs will be provided for companions.


All concession areas are wheelchair accessible. For food descriptions and locations, as well as a listing of healthier ballpark options and gluten-free offerings, please see the concessions guide.

Courtesy Wheelchairs

Courtesy wheelchairs may be obtained at Guest Services located on the Main Concourse (behind section 122) and the Terrace Level (behind section 318). A valid driver's license, credit card or other form of identification as well as seat location must be provided to use the chair. Wheelchairs can only be used to assist fans to or from seats and must be promptly returned for use by other fans.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, Phillies personnel have been trained and instructed to assist you in evacuating the premises.

Family Restrooms
Fourteen family restrooms equipped with changing tables are conveniently located throughout the ballpark. Again, all are wheelchair accessible:
  • Service Level (1) for guests located in the wheelchair seating area on Field Level near the third base dugout.
  • Main Concourse (3): behind Sections 106, 112 and 137.
  • Diamond Club (2): two convenient locations within the Diamond Club.
  • Hall of Fame Club Level (5): Club, behind Sections 219 and 224; Pavilion, behind Sections 205 and 208; and Arcade, behind Section 234.
  • Terrace Level (3): behind Sections 319, 322 and 329.
Fan Texting

Guests who would like to discreetly notify our game-day staff of guest services issues (e.g. security needed, spilled drink, medical issue, etc.) may do so by texting the word "PHILLIES" (SPACE) issue and location to 69050. Text messages are received and responded to by Phillies personnel during all home games.

First Aid

First aid stations are located on the Main Concourse (behind Section 105) and the Terrace Level (behind Section 318). Each location is staffed with medical personnel. If medical assistance is needed, please notify the nearest Phillies personnel or proceed to the nearest location.

Guest Services

Located on the Main Concourse (behind Section 122) and the Terrace Level (behind Section 318), Guest Services will assist you with questions, concerns and requests for information. Open from the time the gates open until 15 minutes after the game ends.


Disabled parking spaces are available for $15 in all of our Preferred Lots immediately surrounding Citizens Bank Park. A valid placard or hang tag is required. As construction of the west parking lot (former site of Veterans Stadium) progresses, additional disabled parking spaces will become available. It is recommended that guests arrive early and park in the first lot available to them. Our parking map showing Handicapped Parking areas is available here.


A total of 61 restrooms, all designed for wheelchair access, are conveniently located throughout the park: Diamond Club, Main Concourse, Suite Level, Hall of Fame Club Level and Terrace Level. In addition, there is a restroom in the Service Level specifically for wheelchair guests who are located in the Field Level area by the third base dugout.

Seating Areas

Wheelchair and companion seating is located throughout Citizens Bank Park and is available in the following areas: Field Level, Hall of Fame Club/Pavilion/Arcade Level, Scoreboard Porch and Terrace Level. Call the Phone Center (215-463-1000) for seating availability.

Telephone Display Devices

TDD phones for guests with hearing or speech disabilities are located in Guest Services located on the Main Concourse (behind Section 122) and the Terrace Level (behind Section 318). In addition, a TTD phone is located near the Left Field Gate. Public pay phones are located inside the Left Field and Right Field Gates, plus outside the First and Third Base Gates. All are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with volume controls.

Water Fountains

Twenty water stations each containing two fountains are dispersed throughout the ballpark. Each station has one standard and one wheelchair accessible fountain for a total of 40 fountains.