Taylor Buchholz, a 27-year-old pitcher who went 6-6 with a 2.17 ERA in 63 appearances for the Rockies in 2008, thinks about his collecting days growing up in Pennsylvania whenever he's asked to autograph a baseball card these days.

In one season with the Houston Astros and two with the Rockies, Buchholz has compiled an 18-21 record with a 4.42 ERA. Currently recovering from an elbow injury, the former star at Springfield (Pa.) High School discussed his collecting hobby with MLBPLAYERS.com.

MLBPLAYERS.com: You went to high school near Philadelphia. When your family and friends saw your first baseball card, what did they tell you?

Buchholz: It was funny because they were excited about seeing me on a Minor League card. I think it was in the Florida State League. But they kept saying, "Hey, when are you going to be on a Phillies card?" I was like, "As long as it's a Major League Baseball card, I'm happy." We joke about that to this day."

MLBPLAYERS.com: Could you have envisioned yourself on an MLB card when you were in high school?

Buchholz: Well, I dreamed about it like every other card. You just don't know. I always kept the faith that I would make it. When I saw the first MLB card with the Astros, it showed me that dreams can come true. I didn't take the greatest picture, but it was a Major League card nonetheless.

MLBPLAYERS.com: What are your memories of card collecting?

Buchholz: I was a kid who loved baseball and also loved baseball cards. I was a big Phils fan and liked all of their players. Really, it was something that I remember like it was yesterday. Cards were cheaper back then, though they seem more expensive now. I'd hang with my friends and compare cards.

MLBPLAYERS.com: Do you still collect cards?

Buchholz: Not now, but I do sign as many as possible. I will never turn down an autograph request. I think it's great that kids are collecting cards like we did. It's different with so many different types of cards. It seemed more basic when I was a kid. I have a bunch of cards in my house that I collected when I was young. Now, signing those cards keeps me young.

-- Red Line Editorial