We shot the "I Don't Dance" music video when we were up in Cleveland during Interleague Play in June. They asked me and Brian McCann, I guess because we're younger guys and they thought maybe we could relate with the Disney Channel audience. We used to watch Disney Channel ourselves.

It was a lot of fun, overall. They had us do some different poses and basically say the same words: "I don't dance." It's the refrain of the song, but in the background video they also show great on-field action and a few dance moves, too, like some of the hand-shake rituals that guys make up.

It seems a little weird when you're saying the same line over and over again. But then when you see how it all comes together on the video with all the different players involved, it's really kind of neat.

At first we were supposed to shoot our video in Spring Training -- we train at the Disney Wide World of Sports complex, so that would make sense for a Disney video. But that got canceled. Then we were supposed to do it in Atlanta and that got canceled, too. Finally we ended up in Cleveland in June. It's all about timing the crews, I guess.

It took about 25 or 30 minutes, altogether, but they shot us one at a time. Brian and C.C. Sabathia of the Indians also did their scenes while we were up there.

In addition to saying, "I don't dance," they also had me do a little dance move, but that didn't make it to the music video. I'm hoping maybe it will make it into the movie. The movie comes out this week, so we'll find out soon enough if I made the cut.

Seriously, anytime you can do something to connect with kids or with the Disney Channel, you don't mind doing it. Some of us aren't that much older than most of the kids watching the Disney Channel. Somebody watching the video is probably going to be pitching against me someday.

It's great to connect with kids and, frankly, I'm enjoying the chance to watch myself on the Disney Channel, too.

In addition to making his Disney video debut, Jeff Francoeur is having another standout season for the Atlanta Braves, batting .306 with 13 home runs and 75 RBIs through his first 115 games this season. The 6-foot-4, Atlanta-born right fielder was the club's first-round Draft pick in 2002, 23rd overall, out of Parkview High School in his hometown of Lilburn, Ga.