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05/06/10 4:28 PM ET

Lannan opens up to fans during live chat

John Lannan: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me today to chat. If you have any questions, fire away. I'll do my best to answer everybody.

spiegs123: What is your favorite restaurant in the DC area?

Lannan: We'll start off with an easy question. My favorite restaurant in DC is Matchbox (either on 8th St or in Chinatown).

dametsfan1: What do you think has most contributed to the Nat's quick start?

Lannan: I think this team has a great chemistry. The clubhousto is a fun place to be when we are winning. We were able to add a lot of great players this off season. Everybody on the team wants to win.

tboorstein_2: Which do you think is better -- the Long Island Rail Road or the Washington Metro?

Lannan: The metro is better because it's easier to figure out. I grew up riding the LIRR into the city. Both the LIRR and Metro are awesome because you don't have to deal with traffic. I hate traffic.

jzullo: Ok, but what is your favorite type of pizza to get there?

Lannan: The matchbox meat is pretty good. It has everything. Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon. Can't go wrong with the matchbox meat.

mlbcmk: What was your success for getting out of the minor leagues?

Lannan: 2007 was a rollercoaster of a year for me. The reason I succeeded that year is because I took advantage of every opportunity the organization gave me. I worked hard at every level and knew the hard work would pay off.

tboorstein_2: What was your favorite beach to go to when you grew up on Long Island?

Lannan: My hometown of Long Beach was right on the beach so I grew up on the beach. I would usually ride my bike down the block to the closest beach. My family is also members at a beach club in Atlantic Beach so I would go there as well.

microtouch: would you credit any of your college coaches with your success?

Lannan: Coach Rossi was huge in my development as a baseball player. He taught me a lot during my time at Siena College. Also, my roommate who was also my catcher helped me during some great games throughout my college career.

rcyates318: Hey John! I noticed you are one of the few high cuffed players in the MLB. Is there any reason you do this (besides that it looks totally awesome?) Thanks dude!

Lannan: I've been wearing my pants like that since I started playing baseball. Its comfortable to me. I do have a pair of the longer pants but I just can?t bring myself to change over.

jzullo: What are your thoughts on Stephen Strasburg? Do you feel he is ready for the Majors right now?

Lannan: Who? Haha. I think Stephen is a great pitcher and the Nats are doing a great job with his career. His time in the minors will help him just like it helped me. When he is ready, he will have a great big league career.

baseball_fan_5287: Do you ever hear the crowd during a game when you are pitching or is it all white noise?

Lannan: I never hear individual voices in the crowd. Usually its just one noise that I use to my advantage. The louder the crowd the better.

dametsfan1: What was your favorite team growing up?

Lannan: My favorite team growing up was the Yankees. I also went to a bunch of Mets games. I just love baseball so anytime it was on tv, no matter who was playing, I would watch.

Lannan: I have enough time for two more questions before I go out to the field.

dametsfan1: Do you prefer day games or night games?

Lannan: It doesn?t really matter to me what time of day we play. I?m just glad to have the opportunity to go out there and pitch for the Nats. Day games do get kinda hot though during the summer.

baseball_fan_5287: When you are on the road, which Major League city has the best restaurants/food?

Lannan: Chicago and New York have the best restaurants and food. Both places have great pizza and awesome steakhouses. You can?t beat a New York bagel either.

Lannan: Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. Sorry I couldn?t answer all of them. I hope to see you soon out at the ball park. Go Nats!

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