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09/03/2008 3:53 PM ET
Washington Nationals announce 2009 season ticket renewal prices; reductions on 7,500 ballpark seats and no price increases
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The Washington Nationals today announced the 2009 prices for season tickets at Nationals Park. The team will continue to provide affordable, fan-friendly entertainment at Nationals Park by decreasing season ticket prices for 7,500 seats at the ballpark - 3,400 of which are located in the lower seating bowl. The team will not increase prices on any of the 41,888 seats for season-ticket holders who renew their season tickets for 2009.

"The Nationals are pleased to lower the price of a considerable number of season ticket locations at Nationals Park in 2009," said Team President Stan Kasten. "We will also continue to offer partial and full season ticket plans for a family of four for as little as $40 a game. We think for a day at the ballpark, it's one of the most affordable experiences in sports. We thank our fans for their continued support of the Washington Nationals."

Current Nationals season ticket holders will receive renewal information in mid-October. Fans who want to become a new 2009 season ticket holder may place deposits to secure seats starting on Sept. 9 by calling 202-675-NATS (6287) or going online at Single game and group ticket prices will be announced at a later date.

The average season ticket price for a non-premium seat will be just under $29.00. Over one-third (15,219) of the non-premium seats offered at Nationals Park will be $20 or less. The total cost of tickets for a family of four attending a Washington Nationals game in 2009 could be as inexpensive as $40 for season ticket holders on the gallery level or $80 on the field level.

The ballclub lowered season ticket prices by $10 or more in over 2,700 seats at Nationals Park, in the Center Field (CF) Reserved and Lounge (Section 100), Left Field (LF) Reserved (Section 101-102, formerly LF Bullpen), and increased the number of seats in the LF Corner (Sections 108-110) and Right Field (RF) Corner (Sections 135-137). CF Reserved (formerly known as the CF Club) and CF Lounge tickets will cost $30 and $50, respectively, down from $40 and $60 in 2008. The CF Lounge seats include an added value of $20 for food and beverage and fans seated in the CF Reserved area may enjoy in-seat service. Season ticket prices in the LF Box (now Sections 103-107), RF Reserved (Sections 138-143), and Scoreboard Pavilion (Sections 237-243) have also been reduced. A complete list of season ticket price changes are below.

The Nationals will offer partial season ticket plans (41- and 21-games) in areas of the lower bowl not offered in 2008, including the CF Reserved and Lounge and Baseline Reserved (the upper half of Sections 111-113 and 132-134). All partial season ticket plans will now include tickets to the 2009 Opening Day at Nationals Park.

2009 Season ticket price changes
CategorySection2009 Full ST Price2008 Full ST Price
CF Reserved 100$30$40
CF Lounge100$50 $60
LF Reserved101-102$20$30
LF Box103 & 107$25$30
LF Corner108-110 $30 $45/$40/$30
RF Corner135-136$30$45/$30
RF Reserved138-143$20$25
Scoreboard Pavilion237-243 $18$25/20
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