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Thursday, September 23, 2010:
Nationals 7, Astros 2
Bourgeois, CF4110102.247
Keppinger, 2B4031102.292
Pence, RF4021002.282
Lee, Ca, 1B4000005.247
Michaels, LF3000101.246
Johnson, C, 3B4000011.319
Sanchez, A, SS3010001.275
Quintero, C3110002.233
b-Hernandez, A, PH1010000.228
Figueroa, N, P1010000.214
a-Bogusevic, PH1000000.235
Villar, H, P0000000.000
Chacin, P00000001.000
Del Rosario, P0000000.000
Wright, W, P0000000.000
c-Blum, PH1000011.260
a-Grounded out for Figueroa, N in the 7th. b-Doubled for Quintero in the 9th. c-Struck out for Wright, W in the 9th.
Espinosa, 2B3212110.233
Kennedy, A, 1B4010001.253
Desmond, SS4110001.280
Morse, RF3223000.300
Bernadina, LF3122100.256
Ramos, W, C4010012.274
Maxwell, CF3000114.138
Gonzalez, Al, 3B4100014.263
Detwiler, P1000010.000
a-Harris, PH1000010.184
Stammen, P0000000.237
b-Mench, PH1000001.136
Storen, P0000000.500
Balester, P0000000.000
a-Struck out for Detwiler in the 6th. b-Flied out for Stammen in the 7th.
2B: Keppinger (32, Detwiler), Hernandez, A (5, Balester).
TB: Quintero; Sanchez, A; Hernandez, A 2; Keppinger 4; Bourgeois; Figueroa, N; Pence 2.
RBI: Keppinger (56), Pence (86).
2-out RBI: Pence.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Michaels; Sanchez, A; Lee, Ca 2.
SAC: Figueroa, N.
GIDP: Quintero, Keppinger.
Team RISP: 3-for-12.
Team LOB: 9.

SB: Bourgeois (11, 2nd base off Detwiler/Ramos, W), Johnson, C (3, 2nd base off Detwiler/Ramos, W).

DP: (Johnson, C-Keppinger-Lee, Ca).

2B: Morse (12, Figueroa, N).
HR: Morse (13, 2nd inning off Figueroa, N, 0 on, 0 out), Bernadina (11, 6th inning off Figueroa, N, 1 on, 2 out), Espinosa (6, 7th inning off Chacin, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Espinosa 4; Desmond; Ramos, W; Bernadina 5; Morse 6; Kennedy, A.
RBI: Morse 3 (38), Bernadina 2 (46), Espinosa 2 (15).
2-out RBI: Morse 2; Bernadina 2; Espinosa 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Gonzalez, Al 2; Desmond.
GIDP: Maxwell.
Team RISP: 2-for-8.
Team LOB: 4.

SB: Kennedy, A (13, 2nd base off Del Rosario/Quintero).

DP: 3 (Gonzalez, Al-Espinosa-Kennedy, A, Desmond-Kennedy, A, Desmond-Espinosa-Kennedy, A).

Figueroa, N(L, 5-4)6.06551423.81
Villar, H0.20111009.00
Del Rosario0.10000004.50
Wright, W1.00001205.81
Detwiler(W, 1-2)6.07222002.52
Stammen(H, 1)1.02000005.21
Chacin pitched to 2 batters in the 7th.
Del Rosario pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

Game Scores: Figueroa, N 43, Detwiler 48.
HBP: Sanchez, A (by Detwiler), Morse (by Del Rosario).
Pitches-strikes: Figueroa, N 87-56, Villar, H 11-5, Chacin 5-4, Del Rosario 3-1, Wright, W 17-9, Detwiler 79-45, Stammen 14-11, Storen 13-9, Balester 17-9.
Groundouts-flyouts: Figueroa, N 8-4, Villar, H 1-1, Chacin 0-0, Del Rosario 1-0, Wright, W 0-1, Detwiler 9-4, Stammen 3-0, Storen 0-2, Balester 1-0.
Batters faced: Figueroa, N 24, Villar, H 3, Chacin 2, Del Rosario 2, Wright, W 4, Detwiler 26, Stammen 5, Storen 3, Balester 4.
Inherited runners-scored: Chacin 1-1, Del Rosario 1-0, Wright, W 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Paul Nauert. 1B: Brian Gorman. 2B: Ted Barrett. 3B: Tony Randazzo.
Weather: 91 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 8 mph, Out to LF.
T: 2:29.
Att: 14,633.
Venue: Nationals Park.
September 23, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media