WASHINGTON -- A few days before going to the Winter Meetings in Dallas, the Nationals are searching for a center fielder.

According to a baseball source, general manager Mike Rizzo is currently in the Dominican Republic scouting outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, a five-tool player from Cuba who is expected to become a free agent sometime this offseason. Rizzo has been looking at Cespedes the last couple of days. The Nationals are one of several teams showing interest in Cespedes.

The Nationals believe Cespedes is big league ready. He is a right-handed-hitting slugger who could join Michael Morse and Jayson Werth in the middle of the lineup.

It's not known what kind of contract Cepedes is looking for once he becomes a free agent.

"It's really touchy feely," Cespedes' agent, Adam Katz, said to MLB.com early this month. "He's an unusual guy. He's 26. He's Major League ready. ... A value will be established. People will bid competitively, and it will be what it will be."