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League Championship Series
Championship Series:
AL: Red Sox-Yankees, Gm 7
NL: Astros-Cardinals, Gm 7
Division Series:
AL: Twins-Yankees
AL: Red Sox-Angels
NL: Dodgers-Cards
NL: Astros-Braves

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10/20, GAME 7:  Red Sox 10, Yankees 3  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
The Red Sox completed the greatest comeback in postseason history and are back in the World Series.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Boston wins!
 Cabrera's sacrifice fly
 Bellhorn's solo homer
 Johnny's Damon two-run homer
 Johnny Damon's grand slam
 David Ortiz's two-run homer
Yankees Gameday Audio
Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez gave up eight runs in 3 1/3 innings as the Red Sox ended the Yankees' postseason run.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Yankees lose ALCS
 Kenny Lofton's RBI single
 Bernie Williams' RBI double
 Derek Jeter's RBI single in the third
 Yanks throw out Damon at the plate
Johnny Damon
 Francona: Sox haven't had their final celebration yet
Manager says winning world championship is ultimate goal.
 Francona makes Wakefield his Game 1 starter
Longest-tenured Red Sox will take knuckleball to Fenway Park mound Saturday.
 More clips to hear
 Francona says Wakefield gives his team options
 Francona has enjoyed the journey to this point
 Francona on the fans welcoming his club back home
 Francona explains why Pedro pitched in Game 7
 Joe Torre's postgame remarks
 ALCS and MVP trophy presentations
 Brown takes responsibility for the loss
 Derek Jeter shares his disappointment
 Vazquez on his pitches to Damon

 Francona: Now is not the time for fatigue
 Francona got well wishes from Torre, Steinbrenner
 Francona says flight home was louder than normal
 Terry Francona's postgame interview
 David Ortiz's postgame interview
 Derek Lowe on his tremendous outing
 Curt Schilling on the ALCS win
 Manny Ramirez savors the moment
 Millar compares the last two years

10/19, GAME 6:  Red Sox 4, Yankees 2  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
Curt Schilling dominated New York for seven frames and Mark Bellhorn hit a three-run homer to force a Game 7.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Boston records the final out
 Mark Bellhorn's three-run homer
 Jason Varitek's RBI single
Yankees Gameday Audio
Jon Lieber allowed four runs and the Yanks rallied in the eighth, but an unusual end to the frame ended the Yanks' chances.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Police officers take the field
 A-Rod called out for interference
 Derek Jeter's RBI single
 Bernie Williams' solo homer
Bellhorn's homer
 Francona comments on Game 6 win
The Red Sox manager discusses Curt Schilling's courageous performance.
 Torre discusses how Game 6 was lost
The Yankees manager talks about the key players in another tense game.
 More clips to hear
 Curt Schilling's postgame comments
 Arroyo on the controversial play at first
 Bellhorn talks about his homer
 Johnny Damon on forcing Game 7
 Millar on the never-say-die attitude
 Manny Ramirez on the comeback
 Mientkiewicz speaks about A-Rod's play at first
 Kapler on a close-knit clubhouse

 Derek Jeter discusses Schilling
 A-Rod on the controversy at first
 Umpire Randy Marsh on the controversial plays
 Posada talks about the loss
 Lieber on his Game 6 performance
 Matsui on the difficult weather conditions
 Clark on his strikeout to end Game 6
 Timlin praises Schilling's performance

10/18, GAME 5:  Red Sox 5, Yankees 4  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
David Ortiz smacked an RBI single in the 14th in Game 5 of the ALCS on Monday to give Boston another rousing victory.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Ortiz's walk-off single wins it
 Varitek's sac fly evens score
 David Ortiz homers
 Mueller starts a double play
Yankees Gameday Audio
David Ortiz's single in the bottom of the 14th ended Game 5 on Monday night and forced a Game 6 at Yankee Stadium.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Boston nips New York in 14
 Derek Jeter's three-run double
 Bernie Williams' solo homer
Tim Wakefield
 Ortiz's RBI single in first
The Red Sox opened the scoring early on Ortiz's liner to right field.
 Varitek walks to force in a run
A bases-loaded base on balls plated Boston's second run in the first inning.
 More clips to hear
 Dave Roberts on his deja vu experience
 Varitek on catching Wakefield
 Wakefield talks about his performance
 Foulke breaks down his pitching
 Arroyo on his relief appearance
 Terry Francona's comments on Game 5
 Damon on an incredible win
 Pedro Martinez on the huge win

 A-Rod on the emotions of the game
 Tom Gordon talks about the bullpen
 Loaiza on his Game 5 performance
 Tony Clark on the Game 5 loss
 John Olerud updates his injury
 Joe Torre's postgame remarks
 Gabe Kapler on the big win
 Theo Epstein looks forward to Game 6

10/17, GAME 4:  Red Sox 6, Yankees 4  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
David Ortiz drilled a two-run walk-off homer in the 12th to give Boston a thrilling comeback victory in Game 4 of the ALCS.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Ortiz's homer wins it in 12th
 Bill Mueller's RBI single ties the game
 Ortiz's two-run single
 Cabrera's RBI single
 Cabrera throws Matsui out at home
Yankees Gameday Audio
Paul Quantrill allowed a two-run homer to David Ortiz in the bottom of the 12th inning as the Red Sox forced a Game 5.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Bernie makes a great sliding catch
 Clark drives in a go-ahead run
 Williams' game-tying single
 A-Rod's two-run homer in second
Red Sox celebrate
 Terry Francona's postgame remarks
The Boston manager reviews a remarkable comeback win.
 Joe Torre's postgame interview
The Yankees manager talks about the tough loss and the team's outlook for Game 5.
 More clips to hear
 David Ortiz's postgame interview
 Foulke on holding the Yanks at bay
 Curtis Leskanic on coming up big
 Johnny Damon on getting a win
 Derek Lowe on the emotional game
 Doug Mientkiewicz on being down 3-1
 Jason Varitek keeps a steady head

 Tony Clark on the Game 4 loss
 Tom Gordon on the Yankees bullpen
 Bernie Williams discusses the game
 Bernie Williams on Mariano Rivera
 Jeter talks about the Game 4 loss
 Dave Roberts on the tying run
 Jim Leyritz on the managerial decisions

10/16, GAME 3:  Yankees 19, Red Sox 8  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
The Red Sox find themselves on the brink of elimination from the postseason after dropping Game 3 of the ALCS.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Mueller flies out to end the game
 Varitek's two-run homer
 Cabrera's double scores two
 Ramirez's RBI single
 Johnny Damon's RBI single
 Trot Nixon's two-run homer
Yankees Gameday Audio
The Nos. 2-5 hitters combined to go 16-for-22 with 15 RBIs and 14 runs scored and helped put Boston on the brink of elimination.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 The Yankees win
 Matsui's RBI single
 Bernie Williams drives in another run
 Sheffield's double off the monster
 Jorge Posada's double
 A-Rod's RBI double in 5th
Hideki Matsui
 Sheffield's three-run homer
The Yankees right fielder crushed a shot over the Green Monster for a 9-6 New York lead.
 A-Rod's solo homer to left
New York's third baseman put a shot onto the streets outside Fenway Park.
 More clips to hear
 Terry Francona's postgame remarks
 Tim Wakefield on pitching in Game 3
 Arroyo breaks down his struggles
 Johnny Damon on being down 3-0
 Hideki Matsui on his great game
 Luis Sojo on the offense
 Hideki Matsui scores on a balk call
 Ruben Sierra's RBI triple
 Matsui's first homer

 Joe Torre's comments after the game
 Jeter on Matsui's performance
 Javier Vazquez on his relief effort
 Gary Sheffield on being up 3-0
 Dave Wallace on Boston's rotation
 Matsui's second HR
 Ramirez thrown out at third
 Williams singles, snaps 4-4 tie
 A-Rod's RBI double in first

 Alderson on the postponement
MLB's Executive VP of Baseball Operations discusses the decision to reschedule the game.
 Francona on the postponement
The Boston manager discusses what the postponement means to his team and rotation.
 More clips to hear
 Stottlemyre on the postponement

10/14, OFF-DAY
 Rivera goes one-on-one with Jim Leyritz
Closer talks about recent tragedy and how he's coping with it.
 Schilling update, mood of the team
Red Sox manager Terry Francona talks about decision to start Derek Lowe in possible Game 5.
 More clips to hear
 Derek Lowe talks about starting Game 5
 Kevin Millar on returning to Fenway
 Johnny Damon talks about digging out of an 0-2 hole
 Orlando Cabrera talks about waking up the bats
 Jason Varitek discusses Game 5 pitching change
 Bronson Arroyo talks about Game 3
 Former manager Bob Boone talks about Schilling

 Joe Torre workout day press conference
 GM Brian Cashman goes one-on-one with Jim Leyritz
 Mark Feinsand talks about New York's "terrible" pitching's Mike Siano previews Game 3
 Roberts explains how Damon can ignite offense
 Former GM Claire says Schilling should not start

10/13, GAME 2:  Yankees 3, Red Sox 1  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
The Red Sox return home down 0-2 in the ALCS vs. New York as Pedro Martinez yielded three runs on Wednesday.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 Millar strikes out to end the game
 Cabrera's grounder scores Nixon
Yankees Gameday Audio
Jon Lieber blanked Boston for seven innings and John Olerud hit a two-run shot in winning Game 2 of the ALCS on Wednesday.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Rivera ends the game on a strikeout
 Olerud's two-run homer
 Sheffield's RBI single in first
Derek Jeter
 Rivera on solid Yankees pitching
The Yankees closer discusses Jon Lieber's performance and his second save of the series.
 Kevin Millar's message for Sox fans
Boston's first baseman says the Fenway faithful still have reason to hope.
 More clips to hear
 Johnny Damon shoulders the blame
 Ramirez on Boston's ALCS hitting
 Tim Wakefield says the ALCS isn't over
 Keith Foulke on the Yankees lineup
 Varitek talks about Pedro's start
 Mike Timlin on Pedro's valiant effort
 Morgan & Epstein discuss Schilling
 Fans chant "Who's your daddy?"

 Bernie Williams on coming up big
 Gary Sheffield on the rivalry
 Tom Gordon on going up 2-0
 Jeter on heading to Boston with a lead
 A-Rod on the Yanks' key contributors
 Mussina on the great starting pitching
 Miguel Cairo on playing behind Lieber
 Yankee fans chant, "Pedro! Pedro!"

10/12, GAME 1:  Yankees 10, Red Sox 7  Wrap >
Red Sox Gameday Audio
After going hitless for six frames, Boston put together a furious rally but fell short in Game 1 of the ALCS vs. New York.
English WEEI | Spanish WROL

Play-by-play highlights
 David Ortiz's two-run triple
 Jason Varitek's two-run homer
 Millar's RBI double
 Bellhorn's double ends perfect game
Yankees Gameday Audio
Hideki Matsui tied an ALCS record with five RBIs while leading a 14-hit attack in a Game 1 win over Boston on Tuesday.
English WCBS | Spanish WADO

Play-by-play highlights
 Bernie Williams' two-run double
 Yankees win: game-ending DP
 Matsui drives in Sheffield
 Kenny Lofton's homer
Jason Varitek
 The crowd greets Rivera
The Yankees closer is greeted warmly after returning from a family funeral in Panama.
 Mussina's perfect game ends
The Yankees pitcher was perfect through 6 1/3 before Mark Bellhorn doubled.
 More clips to hear
 Matsui's three-run double
 Hideki Matsui's RBI double
 Curt Schilling on his ankle injury
 Johnny Damon on his day at the plate
 Manny Ramirez on the tough loss
 Jason Varitek on Curt Schilling
 Hitting coach Ron Jackson on Mussina
 Kevin Millar reacts to falling behind early
 Matsui's postgame comments

 Bernie Williams' RBI single
 Kenny Lofton on his big home run
 Mike Mussina on flirting with a no-no
 Tom Gordon on Rivera's return
 Jorge Posada on Mussina and Rivera
 Derek Jeter's postgame comments
 Alex Rodriguez on Rivera and the win
 Jon Lieber on facing Boston in Game 2
 Rivera on Game 1

 Curt Schilling on playing the Yankees
The Red Sox Game 1 starter shares his thoughts on being a part of the rivalry.
 Mussina on his ALCS Game 1 start
The Yankees pitcher discusses his preparation and the team's strengths this season.
 More clips to hear
 Kevin Millar on Boston's chance at redemption
 Terry Francona on Game 1 and Curt Schilling
 Mark Bellhorn on this year's ALCS
 Jason Varitek talks about the Sox-Yanks rematch
 Derek Lowe on playing the Yanks numerous times
 Tim Wakefield talks about the history of the rivalry
 Manny Ramirez talks about facing the Yankees
 Torre on facing the Red Sox in the ALCS
 Boston GM Theo Epstein discusses the ALCS

 Jeter discusses the ALCS
 Jim Leyritz talks about Mariano Rivera
 Stottlemyre on Rivera and El Duque
 Tom Gordon on possibly closing in ALCS
 Kevin Brown on getting ready for Boston
 Johnny Damon chats about the New York fans
 Aaron Boone talks about last year's big homer
 Jim Leyritz talks about the Yankees' workout
 Yanks GM Brian Cashman on the ALCS