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  • 1) Pick the correct order of finish for each round of the HR Derby.
  • 2) Choose two tiebreaker answers, enter your user info and submit.
  • 3) Score the most points and compete for your chance to win tickets to the 2011 All-Star Game.
  • 4) You can only submit one ballot per e-mail address. If you submit multiple ballots, only your last entry will count.
  • 5) Submit picks by 8:00PM ET on July 12. See Official Rules, How to Play and Prizes for details.
Miguel Cabrera
Corey Hart
Matt Holliday
David Ortiz
Hanley Ramirez
Nick Swisher
Vernon Wells
Chris Young
The top four players with the most home runs advance to Round 2
The top two players with the most home runs advance to Round 3
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