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580Mandel, JeffBaylor URHPS/R6'03"1901985-04-30SR400K
70Smolinski, JacobBoylan Catholic HSSSR/R5'11"1851989-02-09HS400K
31Smoker, JoshuaCalhoun HSLHPL/L6'02"1951988-11-26HS400K
Comments: Smoker is another in what appears to be a deep high school lefty crop in this year's draft class. With an average fastball, a consistent slider and an aggressive mentality on the mound, Smoker should be among the top southpaws taken and looks like he could carry a lot of innings in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
820Seuss, AaronCalifornia Baptist URFR/R6'01"2001985-03-05SR
100Souza, StevenCascade HSSSR/R6'03" 1989-04-24HS
1351Cisterna, RyanChandler Gilbert CCCR/R6'01"2001986-06-25J2
1113Drag, DevinChapman URHPL/R6'03"2301983-09-29SR
969Killian, DanielChippewa Hills SchoolCL/R6'04" 1989-01-14HS400K
1275Martinez, MichaelChristopher Columbus HSLHPL/L6'03" 1989-01-23HS
610Cook, DanielFlorida Atlantic UCFS/R6'03"1751986-06-15JR
880Phillabaum, JustinFlorida Atlantic URHPR/R6'03"2101986-04-18JR
280Gildea, MarkFlorida St UCFS/R6'02"1951986-01-11JR
400Shepard, StevenFranklin Pierce ColRHPR/R6'04"2301986-08-09JR
700Duncan, DavidGeorgia TechLHPL/L6'09"2301986-06-01SO400K
490Blackwood, ChristopherGloucester County ColCFL/R6'02"1651987-11-23J2
130Norris, DerekGoddard HSCR/R6'00"2101989-02-14HS400K
1141Erb, ShaneHillsborough CCRHPR/R6'06"1951987-05-03J1
1056Floyd, AlexHillsborough CCCFS/R6'02"1801988-08-28J1
49Burgess, MichaelHillsborough HSRFL/L5'11"1951988-10-20HS400K
Comments: Burgess profiles as a future left-handed power-hitting corner outfielder. While he struggled with his swing early this season, his bat speed and hand-eye coordination will keep scouts intrigued. He can throw and field his position, but it's his bat that will carry him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
460Arnold, PatrickHuntington HSRHPR/R6'01"1901988-10-31HS400K
1249Bass, CharlesJacksonville St ULFL/R6'02"2251984-08-27SR
160Meyers, BradleyLoyola Marymount URHPR/R6'06"1951985-09-13JR400K
Comments: Scouts have been watching Meyers since high school (the Mets drafted him in the 14th round in 2004) and he hasn't necessarily progressed all that much from his prep school days. He can get his fastball up to around 93 mph, though not consistently and has shown some ability with his breaking stuff and changeup. The thing that will help him the most, though, is his projectable 6-foot-6 frame, where a team that takes him will hope they can improve all facets of his pitching game once they get him into the system.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1223Nazario, IdenMiami Southridge SR HSLHPL/L6'00"1921989-03-28HS400K
6Detwiler, RossMissouri St ULHPR/L6'05"1851986-03-06JR400K
Comments: Despite the fact his last outing of the year was cut short by a split finger nail, Detwiler could very well be the No. 2 college lefty in the draft class behind presumptive No. 1 overall pick David Price. He showed the ability to command the ball better this year than in the past to go along with raw stuff better than the average pitchability southpaw. There is some concern about his narrow frame and how it will hold up, but that won't keep him from being a top 10 pick.
Enhanced Scouting Report
220Dean, PhilipNew Caney SchoolRHPR/R6'03"1751988-10-27HS400K
1085Beno, MartinOklahoma St URHPR/R6'00"1801986-08-24JR
760Berroa, ChristopherPennsauken HSCFR/R6'01"1751989-02-03HS400K
790Clark, KelvinRedan HSLFR/R6'01"1851988-11-29HS400K
1396Gunderson, KyleRice URHPR/R6'03"2151985-01-31SR
1327Reagan, JohnRice UCR/R6'00"2051984-08-31SR
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