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Marlins Ayudan

The Marlins represent Major League Baseball in Miami and are committed to leaving a lasting legacy that will make our fans, neighbors and partners proud through the values of Corporate Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement. Since the announcement of Marlins Park, the Marlins have donated over $4 million in philanthropy and over 20,000 community service hours through the Marlins Ayudan program.

The birth: With the groundbreaking of Marlins Park on July 18, 2009, the Marlins long-term future in South Florida was solidified. The community's commitment to keeping the Marlins in Miami was immediately reciprocated and the Marlins Ayudan program was born.

Impact: The Marlins family is dedicated to making South Florida a great place to live, and Marlins Ayudan is one way. In five seasons, Marlins Ayudan - also known as The Blue Shirts - have worked thousands of hours making an impact in the areas of education, the arts, baseball, environmental improvements, health causes, international relief and military appreciation. Over 100,000 people have been directly impacted by Marlins Ayudan.

Philanthropy is time, talent and treasure. Our philanthropy is a calling to give more than grants, but of ourselves.

Background: Marlins Ayudan (Spanish for "help") is our front-office volunteer program. Marlins Ayudan is a top of mind service corps that responds to a variety of community needs and is now widely known to be an accountable and recognizable corporate leader in volunteerism.

Our Goals: The goal of Marlins Ayudan is three-fold. It is to leave a lasting legacy as a result of Marlins Ayudan activities; to engage our front office in volunteer work as well as act as a conduit to help each employee find a cause they are passionate about; and to be recognized by our fan base as a corporate leader in volunteerism that fulfills an integral role within the community.

Programming: Marlins Ayudan signature programming includes organization-wide events the Day of Service and Philanthropy and the Day of Civic Engagement and Philanthropy, small group events with local not-for-profit partners, the Marlins Ayudan School Partnership Program, and individual volunteer opportunities.

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