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Loge Party Boxes

Enjoy one of the newest experiences here at Dodger Stadium by sitting in a Loge Party Box! Located throughout the loge level, this is a great opportunity to gather with your group of family, friends, or co-workers in a relaxed environment. These unique seats give you a reserved seating area complete with televisions and drink rails to enhance the way you watch the game at the ballpark. Amenities include a dedicated wait staff at every game and an option of adding in-seat food and beverage service. Purchase a 6-seat, 8-seat, or 10-seat box.

Inventory is subject to availability and may be sold out for some games.

Loge Private Pricing
Location # of seats 4-Star 3-Star 2-Star 1-Star
101 8 $880 $800 $720 $640
103 10 $1100 $1000 $900 $800
126 6 $660 $600 $540 $480

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