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Rooters Row Newsletter

June 24, 2010

Induction Gala Fast Approaching

Up close and personal with Reds legends.

Hosted by Marty Brennaman, the Gala is sure to be a star-studded affair, featuring video highlight tributes, anniversary celebrations, live entertainment, and moving speeches by the honorees. Over 1,200 people are expected to attend, including 15 returning Hall of Famers numerous Reds alumni, members of the 1990 Championship team, and the entire current Reds Roster. The highlight of the evening will be the induction of Pedro Borbon, Chris Sabo and the late Tony Mullane and the Red Jacket presentation. This is truly a celebration of the rich and storied tradition of the Cincinnati Reds and a can't-miss event.

A special segment of the evening's program will be devoted to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the 1990 World Championship. Several members of the team will be in attendance for this memorable ceremony.


Chris Sabo Barry Larkin

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1990 World Series Game Two Hero Joe Oliver Returns to Cincinnati

The moment he stepped into the 1990 Exhibit at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, former catcher, Joe Oliver, was snapping pictures and reminiscing with his son Gavin. The two posed together for a picture in front of Oliver's image from 1990 and though twenty years have passed, the smile is still the same.

Making his first appearance at Great American Ball Park and the Reds Hall of Fame, Joe Oliver returned to sign autographs and visit with fans in the Hall of Fame's Palace of the Fans Theater. Mo Egger, from ESPN 1530, introduced Joe to the audience and conducted a question and answer session in which Joe recalled his memorable game-winning hit off of Dennis Eckersley to end Game Two of the 1990 World Series.

Following his appearance at the Hall, Joe and Gavin made their way to the field where Joe threw out the ceremonial first pitch to former 1990 teammate, Billy Hatcher. It was certainly a memorable return to Cincinnati for a fan-favorite.

Joe Oliver signing Joe Oliver on the field

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page for announcements of more appearances at the Reds Hall of Fame in the future.


Q&A with Ruth Hartzell 'An Ultimate Reds Hall of Fame Fan'

The Reds Hall of Fame had the privilege to talk with 'An Ultimate Reds Hall of Fame Fan,' Ruth Hartzell. Ruth continues to follow the Cincinnati Reds after 72 years of being a dedicated fan. Ruth will turn 80 in August, marking her 73rd anniversary of her first Reds game, but when she talked about her beloved Reds, she sounded like an excited young girl.

Q: What was your experience like at your first Reds game?
A: I remember it very well. It was my 7th birthday and my father was taking me to see my first Major League Baseball game. My father told me that he was going to explain all the rules to me. He had to explain the rules to me because back then all we had were radios. Seeing it in person was much different than listening to it on a radio. I get to attend the game on my birthday in August, which I am extremely excited to attend. It will mark my 73rd year of continuing my baseball experience.
Q: What was your favorite 1990 World Series memory?
A: When they won! (As she gives a little giggle) I enjoyed the win much more than the 1975 and 1976 World Series Championships. I enjoyed it more because the Reds went wire to wire the whole season. More importantly, I was able to experience my first playoff game that year at the stadium versus the Pittsburg Pirates. When I attend a game I can not just sit there on my hands! I am there to holler and support my Reds. One fan in front of me claimed that he can never take a nap with all of my hollering.
Q: What is your favorite thing about the Reds Hall of Fame?
A: I love everything about the Reds Hall of Fame! I have been to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and I might be prejudice, but I think that the Reds Hall of Fame is much better. Of course I will love it more when all of my items will be part of the Reds Hall of Fame. I have already added to my will that I will pass on most of my items to the Reds Hall of Fame.
Q: Who is your favorite Hall of Fame Red?
A: Joe Morgan...No wait, I love everyone! I know it sounds weird but I really do love all of the Reds. I have favorite Reds players all the way down to when I first began going to games! Presently, one of my favorite players is Brandon Phillips. I call him 'Smiley' for obvious reasons.
Q: What has led you to be such a dedicated fan to the Reds and the Reds Hall of Fame?
A: There was that 11 to 12 year span where the Reds were not very good, but I stood by them. It must be the German in me that has made me so stubborn to never give up on the Reds and continue to stick with them. If someone says something about the Reds I will defend them. I will be a dedicated fan even after I die. I already had a tombstone made that said "Number 1 Reds Fan." All I can say is if they don't have baseball in heaven, I will start it!
Q: What is your favorite Reds memorabilia that you own?
Ruth Hartzell with Reds soapA: It would be an unopened Reds bar of soap. I do not know exactly how old it is or who gave it to me. I have things from 30 years ago that I'm not sure where it came from. If you want to make me happy for Christmas or for my birthday, buy me something from the Reds. The other thing that is my absolute favorite is a letter from Marge Schott. I wrote to her about my love and dedication for the Reds and she wrote me back. One of that things Marge wrote to me claimed that, 'my allegiance could never be traded away from the Reds.' The letter really meant a lot to me, so I framed and hung it on the wall.

The interview ended with Ruth Hartzell still as excited as a young girl. She apologized for talking so much about the Reds, but she claimed that she cannot help it because she loves them so much. Ruth's love for the Reds and the game of baseball led her to even have her doorbell play "Take me out to the ballgame." Her dream was to be a player's wife, which changed over the years to being the first woman's sports announcer next to Marty Brennaman. Now her dream is to be able to deliver the Reds lineup to the umpire. She claimed that she cannot run anymore in her age, but she would skip, barely touching the ground the whole way to the umpire. Ruth claimed that baseball is her passion and her love. She said that most of her friends think that she is crazy for her love of the Reds and how she acts when she attends the ball game. Yet, Ruth Hartzell is not crazy; she is just truly a dedicated and ultimate fan of the Cincinnati Reds and the Reds Hall of Fame. It is people like Ruth that make the Reds Hall of Fame so important. Fans like Ruth are why the Reds Hall of Fame supports and displays all forms of passion for the Reds, even if it is as small as a bar of Reds soap.

Ruth Hartzell with the contract

The contract states: "Whereas Ruth has demonstrated sincere loyalty and hearty enthusiasm for the Cincinnati Reds. Therefore, this honorary contract with the Cincinnati Reds is hereby tendered on June 16, 1987. This honorary contract includes a guarantee that at no time will the holder's loyalty to the Cincinnati Reds be traded to any Major League baseball club. The Cincinnati Reds trust our present, naturally satisfactory relationship will be a permanent one.

Hall Members Participate as 1990 Cincinnati Reds in Redlegs 5K

Each year, the Reds Community Fund holds a 5K race that ends inside Great American Ball Park. This year was the second Redlegs Run for Home 5K that the Hall of Fame put a team of competitors into the field of runners. Seventeen Hall of Fame members ran as 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds. Each participant received a 1990 t-shirt, Reds Community Fund race t-shirt, a ticket to the Reds vs. Giants game on June 7th, and enjoyed a pre-race party loading up on carbs and watching the Reds vs. Nationals game in the Hall of Fame Theater the night before the race.

The Hall of Fame's top finisher was Adam Houseman who finished in a time of 21:48. The Hall of Fame would like to thank all individuals who ran the 5K and look forward to expanding the team next year!

Click below for full results from the Redlegs 5K and photo galleries from the event.


Posing as Reds Hall members Posing as Reds Hall members

Civil Rights Weekend a Hit at Hall of Fame

During the weekend of May 14-16, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum had the pleasure of hosting a contingent of former Negro League players who were honored at various events during Civil Rights weekend. Former players Charles "Whip" Davis, Don "Groundhog" Johnson, Tom "High Pockets" Turner, and Ron "Bunny" Warren joined Chuck Harmon, the first African-American to play for the Cincinnati Reds, in the celebration honoring their contributions to America's pastime.

During the memorable weekend, each player was recognized on the field at Great American Ball Park during pregame ceremonies and each took part in an autograph session at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum where fans gathered for the opportunity to show their appreciation to these great men.

Also featured at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum were rare Jackie Robinson items on loan from Green Diamond Gallery. These items included a 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers road jersey worn by Robinson, an original artist cast of the larger than life Jackie Robinson statue that sits at the entrance to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, a ticket stub and photograph from April 15, 1947 capturing Jackie with Spider Jorgenson, Pee Wee Reese, and Eddie Stankey on Robinson's first day in the Major Leagues, Robinson's lucky bat which he presented to friend and teammate, Tommy Brown, when Brown was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1951, and two photos of Robinson and his signature during his playing days as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Hall of Fame would like to thank everyone who played a part in making Civil Rights Weekend at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum a magnificent experience for all.

Negro League players Negro League players Robinson jersey


Museums and Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is a proud member of an association known as Museums and Historic Sites of Greater Cincinnati. The organizations within this group use exhibits, programs, tours, lectures, and more to offer unique perspectives on the people, places, and events associated with the history of the tri-state area. In addition to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, member organizations include the Betts House, the Behringer-Crawford Museum, Cincinnati Fire Museum, Cincinnati Observatory, Dinsmore Homestead, German Heritage Museum, Gorman Heritage Farm, Greater Cincinnati Police Museum, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Heritage Village Museum, Hillforest Victorian House Museum, Lloyd Library and Museum, The Mercantile Library, Ohio Tobacco Museum, Promont Museum, Taft Museum of Art, and the William Howard Taft National Historic Site.

On Wednesday, September 15, Museum Day on Fountain Square will afford the general public an opportunity to collect informative brochures, meet museum staff, and learn more about these hidden treasures of our region. The Fountain Square event will run from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM and admission is free. The Reds Hall of Fame also has brochures and discount coupons available for many of these wonderful institutions. Please feel free to ask for more information during your next visit.

June Reds Birthdays

  • CASTILLO, Wilkin: 6/1/1984
  • BURTON, Jared: 6/2/1981
  • COLES, Darnell: 6/2/1962
  • KELLY, Mike: 6/2/1970
  • MALONEY, Jim: 6/2/1940
  • STANTON, Mike: 6/2/1967
  • McNAMARA, John: 6/4/1932
  • STILLWELL, Kurt: 6/4/1965
  • BRAY, Bill: 6/5/1983
  • JOOST, Eddie: 6/5/1916
  • AFFELDT, Jeremy: 6/6/1979
  • BELISLE, Matt: 6/6/1980
  • KIESCHNICK, Brooks: 6/6/1972
  • RETTENMUND, Merv: 6/6/1943
  • VENABLE, Max: 6/6/1957
  • NELSON, Roger: 6/7/1944
  • PETAGINE, Roberto: 6/7/1971
  • RUSKIN, Scott: 6/8/1963
  • COATES, Buck: 6/9/1982
  • PARKER, Dave: 6/9/1951
  • EDWARDS, Johnny: 6/10/1938
  • FOILES, Hank: 6/10/1929
  • GULDEN, Brad: 6/10/1956
  • REESE, Pokey: 6/10/1973
  • KOELLING, Brian: 6/11/1969
  • SELBY, Bill: 6/11/1970
  • STEWART, Jimmy: 6/11/1939
  • THOMAS, Frank: 6/11/1929
  • ARRIGO, Gerry: 6/12/1941
  • GRACE, Mike: 6/14/1956
  • NEWCOMBE, Don: 6/14/1926
  • SPRADLIN, Jerry: 6/14/1967
  • CLINE, Ty: 6/15/1939
  • HENDERSON, Ken: 6/15/1946
  • SUMMERS, Champ: 6/15/1946
  • JOHNSON, Ken: 6/16/1933
  • CONCEPCION, Dave: 6/17/1948
  • SADLER, Donnie: 6/17/1975
  • HEREDIA, Felix: 6/18/1975
  • BURPO, George: 6/19/1922
  • CHEN, Bruce: 6/19/1977
  • RUESS, Jerry: 6/19/1949
  • BAKO, Paul: 6/20/1972
  • CASTRO, Juan: 6/20/1972
  • SCHULT, Art: 6/20/1928
  • VARSHO, Gary: 6/20/1961
  • TOMLIN, Dave: 6/22/1949
  • WOOD, Jake: 6/22/1937
  • YAN, Esteban: 6/22/1975
  • BRISTOL, Dave: 6/23/1933
  • ROMANO, Jason: 6/24/1979
  • SHIRLEY, Bob: 6/25/1954
  • TUCKER, Michael: 6/25/1971
  • GRIFFIN, Mike: 6/26/1957
  • BREEDEN, Danny: 6/27/1942
  • CONINE, Jeff: 6/27/1966
  • JORDAN, Ricardo: 6/27/1970
  • KASKO, Eddie: 6/27/1932
  • LARKIN, Andy: 6/27/1974
  • BOEHMER, Len: 6/28/1941
  • PHILLIPS, Brandon: 6/28/1981
  • STAHL, Larry: 6/29/1941
  • FERNANDEZ, Tony: 6/30/1962
  • GROSS, Don: 6/30/1931
  • SUTTON, Drew: 6/30/1983
Dave Concepcion
Dave Parker